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As seen on TV: Leopard Aviation CEO Tom Noon reveals exciting announcement to Fox 10 Phoenix

Fox 10 Phoenix went live from the Scottsdale airport with an exciting announcement from Leopard Aviation CEO and Co-founder Tom Noon on Monday, March 29. Noon broke the news to Fox 10 Reporter Ty Brennan that Leopard Aviation recently expanding their fleet of pilot-training aircraft with the purchase of two additional Cessna Skyhawks 172s.

Brennan, who holds a private pilot license, was excited to be onsite “like a kid in a candy store hanging out at the Scottsdale airport” with the Leopard Aviation team.

He asked Noon about his journey with the company, noting that, “You started this company not too long ago and it’s already blown up! You’ve already had to buy two more airplanes to keep up with the demand.”

Noon described how Leopard Aviation opened in May 2020 and logged about 65 hours of pilot-training lessons in the first month. The company is now on track to log approximately 650 hours this month – a massive increase. “It’s been fast and furious,” Noon said.

Noon noted that the demand from new students is coming from multiple drivers, including folks looking to fulfill a bucket-list wish and dedicated students working toward a lucrative career as pilots, highlighting the fact that many students the pilot’s life to escape a lifetime of work stuck behind a desk.

Brennan also asked Noon about his journey to become a pilot, starting at age 68. Noon described the experience of taking his first flight lesson: “I was hooked immediately!”

Watch Leopard Aviation on Fox 10 Phoenix

Make sure to watch to the end of the interview to see cameo appearances from the Noon family and friends!

You can watch a second interview that Fox 10 Phoenix ran later in the day titled “Valley welcomes new aviation school amid pilot shortage” on the Fox 10 Phoenix website here

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