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Do you have any questions about learning to fly or the process of becoming a pilot? We’ve got the answers on how to become a pilot in a fun and supportive atmosphere with the convenience of pay as you go.

We believe there’s no such thing as a bad student, only bad instructors. We take great pride in finding the best certified flight instructors available in the Scottsdale and Mesa area. 

We are not rigid in our flight training schedule. We want this to be a fun and supportive environment where you can earn your certificates and ratings and be part of a passionate aviation community.

Simply fill out the form to the right or call us at 1.833.359.5735. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Leopard Aviation Flight School
Phone: 1.833.359.5735

Scottsdale Location

14700 N Airport Dr #101, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Falcon Field Location

4636 E Fighter Aces Dr, Mesa, AZ 85215

Leopard Aviation