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Rent our aircraft for a romantic picnic, special occasion, or just a convenient get away.

We have the best aircraft available for private pilot flight training, which also makes for for great aircraft rentals with state of the art technology and controls. You can expect our instruments to be familiar when you have experience with new aircraft.

We have had pilots rent our Cessna 172S skyhawks for several special occasions including marriage proposals, special anniversary picnics, weekend getaways, and the way to arrive on your own schedule to just about any occasion as we face airport employee shortages. 

If you are looking to rent one our aircraft, please fill out the form to the right so we may get acquainted and learn what you are looking for.


Cessna 172S Skyhawks,
Garmin G1000 Avionics,
GFC 700 Integrated Autopilot,
Terrain Awareness System

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Looking for a private excursion and need an aircraft rental?
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