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Earn your Instrument Proficiency Check with Leopard Aviation Flight School in one of our two convenient locations in Scottsdale or Mesa, AZ.

Haven’t flown approaches in a while? If you have your Instrument Rating but haven’t flown the required instrument approaches and landings to stay current, you are required to get an Instrument Proficiency Check with a qualified certified flight instructor.

You may not operate under your private pilot certificate as pilot in command when your instrument proficiency is out of date. 

FAA Instrument Flight Rules require competency in takeoffs and landings; you may be exempt by having an authorized check airman provide a letter of competency. 

The IRC consists of a a flight check under IFR conditions and an oral or written equipment exam. The flight check includes recovery from simulated emergencies, navigation by instruments, and basic instrument approaches involving navigational operations the pilot is authorized to operate. The equipment exam includes questions on emergency procedures, engine operations, power settings, fuel systems, lubrication systems, stall speeds, best engine-out speed, hydraulic, mechanical, propeller and supercharge operations and electrical systems, as appropriate. 

For a pilot in command, the IRC must be done under the  procedures and maneuvers for a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating. The IRC must be facilitated by an authorized check airman or by the Administrator.

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