// Financing Your Flight Training

Get your Pilot Training with Leopard Aviation Flight School in Scottsdale, AZ or Mesa, AZ.

Leopard Aviation is always trying to make flight training more convenient for aspiring students that want to learn how to fly. Below you will find several financing options. Check back here often; as we’re always updating finance options to make flying possible for anyone that wants to learn.

Leopard Aviation is proud to announce financing direct. Call to learn more about the Leopard Aviation finance requirements and application process to earn your pilot license. 

First stop, scholarships to fund your flight training. Check to see if you may qualify for any scholarships here.>>

Bank programs for financing your flight training:

AOPA Finance
College Avenue Student Loans
Sallie Mae
Wells Fargo
Student Loan Hero

You may also consider financing your flight school using 0% interest credit cards. These can work all the way through to becoming a Certified Flight Instructor and staying ahead of your credit cards.

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
Wells Fargo Platinum Zero
Discover Zero Interest
Discover it Chromeinge

There are many ways to finance flight training. You just need to decide what’s right for you and your existing credit / personal finance needs. Leopard Aviation is proud to offering flight training on your schedule, meaning you do not need a large up-front lump sum of cash, rather we work with you at your pace, which means you can plan out your financing on a monthly basis to earn your pilot license.

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