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Scottsdale Location
14700 N Airport Dr #101
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Ground School Only

Leopard Aviation open its’ flight school doors during the pandemic in late 2020 to answer the need to not only get out but share new career opportunities to folks of all ages.

Flying provides joy and exuberance and is considered life changing by most students that take their first Discovery Flight.   

Scottsdale was our first location to support the greater Phoenix market’s need for training new pilots amidst the pilot shortage. Shortly after the Scottsdale airport location, we opened the Mesa, AZ flight school location at Falcon field offering all of the same great fun, convenient, and flexible flight training.

Since this timing, Scottsdale has revoked all flight schools from flight.  We may only offer ground school at the Scottsdale flight school location.  Currently there are no flight schools authorized to fly out of Scottsdale. 

We encourage you to join us at our Mesa, AZ location just 20 minutes away to achieve your dreams.

You can earn your private pilot’s license in as little as 40 hours; often a surprising statistic.  Your dream of commanding an aircraft could be a few short weeks away.

Call us today at 1.833.FLY.KSDL or fill out the form to your right and start your journey of becoming a pilot by earning your Private Pilot License!

How to become a pilot.
Discovery Flights Cause Joy
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