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Joining the Community of Flyers: A Journey into the Elite World of Aviators

Embarking on the journey to become a pilot is not just a skill acquisition; it’s an initiation into an exclusive community of aviators who share a profound love for the skies. The moment you take control of an aircraft and soar into the heavens, you join a new circle of friends who understand the unique […]

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Student pilot certificate requirements

Student Pilot Certificate

Student Pilot Requirements and Privileges Embarking on the journey of flight training involves obtaining a student pilot certificate, a pivotal step toward flying a powered aircraft independently, also known as “soloing” in aviation. Although not mandatory to commence flight lessons, initiating the application process early is advisable to prevent delays when approaching the solo flight […]

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Can You Become a Commercial Pilot While Working Full-Time?

Many Arizona residents aspire to be an airline pilot and enter the exciting world of aviation. However, balancing a job, flight school, and family life is extremely difficult, causing many to ask, “Can you become a pilot while working full-time?” That’s why Leopard Aviation is here to provide you with answers. Leopard Aviation is one […]

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Flight school financing

Commercial Pilot License Financing is Fast & Easy: Unlock Your Dream Career in Aviation

Flight School Financing by meritize Are you dreaming of soaring through the skies as a commercial pilot but worried about the high costs of commercial pilot license financing? Leopard Aviation Flight School in Scottsdale, AZ and Mesa, AZ is here to make your dream come true! We offer a fantastic opportunity for aspiring pilots to […]

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Air traffic control for Leopard Aviation

Air Traffic Control Communications: A Guide for Aspiring Pilots

Before becoming a commercial pilot, let us help you understand the basics of air traffic control. Call (480) 372-9815 today to begin your aviation training. When flying a commercial jet, staying in contact with the airport traffic control tower is essential. Pilots and air traffic controllers use radio communication to collaborate both in the air […]

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Your solo flight will bring you joy

What Happens During a Student’s Solo Flight in Commercial Pilot School

To learn more about becoming a student pilot, call us at Leopard Aviation at 480-637-4217. All student pilots undergo extensive flight training that involves learning the airspace rules, departure procedures, emergency procedures, and much more. This is essential to earn a commercial pilot license in Arizona and launch a career in aviation. At some point during their […]

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