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5 Commercial Pilot Careers You Can Obtain with Your Pilot License

What Can You Do With a Commercial Pilot License? Before and after going to flight school, many individuals wonder, “What can you do with a commercial pilot license?” Many careers are open to experienced commercial pilots and beginners alike, from flight attendants to aerial photography pilots. If you’re interested in getting an Arizona commercial pilot license, […]

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Commercial Pilot Flight School: What To Expect

Commercial pilots have many job opportunities, such as being an airline transport pilot for regional and major airlines. To become a commercial pilot, you’ll first need to go through commercial pilot flight school. There are many things to expect, including different factors that may affect successful completion. Choosing a skilled flight instructor is instrumental in […]

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Blind woman learns to fly!

Leopard Aviation Teams With the Foundation for Blind Children: Making A Dream Reality!

“There’s nothing in this world that’s really impossible.” This quote from Kaiya Armstrong is well worth mentioning! While we all wish this to be true and encouraging worlds to all, few have turned their life’s challenge into a high flying dream! Kaiya, a woman who lost her sight unexpectedly from Uveitis, a rare inflammation that […]

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Flying A Flight Simulator

What goes up must come down – unless you are flying a flight simulator.  Flying was more dangerous 50 years ago than it is today. Pilots can use a simulator to get practice in flying, familiarity with the instruments, and even simulate various wind conditions or haze.  What are the advantages of using a simulator […]

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