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Air Traffic Control Communications: A Guide for Aspiring Pilots

Before becoming a commercial pilot, let us help you understand the basics of air traffic control. Call (480) 372-9815 today to begin your aviation training. When flying a commercial jet, staying in contact with the airport traffic control tower is essential. Pilots and air traffic controllers use radio communication to collaborate both in the air […]

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Your solo flight will bring you joy

What Happens During a Student’s Solo Flight in Commercial Pilot School

To learn more about becoming a student pilot, call us at Leopard Aviation at 480-637-4217. All student pilots undergo extensive flight training that involves learning the airspace rules, departure procedures, emergency procedures, and much more. This is essential to earn a commercial pilot license in Arizona and launch a career in aviation. At some point during their […]

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What a 'Type Rating' in Aviation Training?

What Is a Type Rating in Aviation?

Call 480-372-9815 to learn about flight training opportunities with Leopard Aviation.  Type ratings aren’t just for students earning a commercial pilot license. They are also for pilots who operate private aircraft systems. The type rating you earn will determine the type of aircraft you can operate. If you earn various type ratings, you can pilot […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to the 1500-Hour Rule by the FAA

Are you curious to know all about the 1500-hour Rule for earning your pilot certification? Here at Leopard Aviation in Arizona, we’re a professional flight school for prospective pilots, and we know all about the 1,500-hour Rule. Every day, our students get one step closer to earning their commercial pilot license with Leopard Aviation, and we’d […]

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Private Pilot Checkride

What Is a Checkride for Pilots: A Complete Guide

Call Leopard Aviation at (480) 372-8967 for flight training in Scottsdale and Mesa, AZ. Every pilot goes through rigorous testing and extensive training before receiving their full-fledged pilot’s license. However, pilot training looks nothing like long lectures in a stuffy classroom. It involves hands-on experience behind the yoke in the form of a checkride. What […]

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