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A Flight Student’s Guide to Aircraft Type Rating

Looking to start your career as a commercial pilot? You’ll need to achieve the appropriate type rating for the aircraft types you want to operate. Most airlines require an aircraft type rating for any pilot they employ. Leopard Aviation’s flight school in Arizona helps each student pilot earn the certification needed. We’ll guide you through […]

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Exploring the Intricacies of the Airspeed Indicator

Aircraft contain all kinds of wonderous indicators and instruments to measure velocity, altitude, weather conditions, etc. However, the single most important aircraft instrument is probably the airspeed indicator. True to its name, the airspeed indicator tells you how fast the plane is going and is important for flight planning and maintaining aircraft performance. With that in […]

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Joining the Community of Flyers: A Journey into the Elite World of Aviators

Embarking on the journey to become a pilot is not just a skill acquisition; it’s an initiation into an exclusive community of aviators who share a profound love for the skies. The moment you take control of an aircraft and soar into the heavens, you join a new circle of friends who understand the unique […]

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Student Pilot Certificate

Student Pilot Requirements and Privileges Embarking on the journey of flight training involves obtaining a student pilot certificate, a pivotal step toward flying a powered aircraft independently, also known as “soloing” in aviation. Although not mandatory to commence flight lessons, initiating the application process early is advisable to prevent delays when approaching the solo flight […]

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Can You Become a Commercial Pilot While Working Full-Time?

Many Arizona residents aspire to be an airline pilot and enter the exciting world of aviation. However, balancing a job, flight school, and family life is extremely difficult, causing many to ask, “Can you become a pilot while working full-time?” That’s why Leopard Aviation is here to provide you with answers. Leopard Aviation is one […]

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