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A Flight Student’s Guide to Aircraft Type Rating

Looking to start your career as a commercial pilot? You’ll need to achieve the appropriate type rating for the aircraft types you want to operate. Most airlines require an aircraft type rating for any pilot they employ. Leopard Aviation’s flight school in Arizona helps each student pilot earn the certification needed. We’ll guide you through […]

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Can You Become a Commercial Pilot While Working Full-Time?

Many Arizona residents aspire to be an airline pilot and enter the exciting world of aviation. However, balancing a job, flight school, and family life is extremely difficult, causing many to ask, “Can you become a pilot while working full-time?” That’s why Leopard Aviation is here to provide you with answers. Leopard Aviation is one […]

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Attitude is Everything

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING Behavior scientists conducted a fascinating experiment involving rats and water to explore the impact of experiences on endurance. Rats were observed swimming until exhaustion, and their survival was influenced by their previous encounters. Initially, the rats lasted an average of 10 minutes before requiring rescue. After each rescue, the rats were dried […]

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