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Can You Become a Commercial Pilot While Working Full-Time?

Many Arizona residents aspire to be an airline pilot and enter the exciting world of aviation. However, balancing a job, flight school, and family life is extremely difficult, causing many to ask, “Can you become a pilot while working full-time?” That’s why Leopard Aviation is here to provide you with answers.

Leopard Aviation is one of Mesa, Arizona’s leading professional pilot flight schools. If you want to learn how to become a commercial pilot in Arizona, contact Leopard Aviation.

Can You Become a Pilot While Working Full-Time?

Traditional education paths make it difficult to work full-time while furthering your education. However, aviation training differs from conventional academic study programs and offers more flexible schooling.

But can you become a pilot while working full-time? Yes!

Leopard Aviation offers part-time training in addition to our full-time program, allowing aspiring pilots to plan their flight lessons around their personal circumstances. Our part-time pilot training program enables you to keep your current job while attending aviation school. You’ll undergo the same training and flight hours and obtain identical pilot certificates as you would with longer programs but with a more flexible schedule.

There are dozens of Leopard Aviation students that hold full-time professional careers and are working on changing their career to be a commercial pilot. There are other Leopard Aviation students at our Mesa, Arizona location that work full-time while working on their private pilot license to use it as a hobby and take friends places on the weekends. And yet, there are still others who have full-time jobs that are less career oriented while working on obtaining their commercial pilot certificate in Mesa, Arizona.

We understand not everyone can make a full-time commitment; some people may have other responsibilities that limit their availability. Our instructors will work with you to find an ideal time for you to attend flight school without interfering with your work or family life.

Leopard Aviation believes you should earn your pilot certificate your way; this means when you want and how you want to finance. You may consider paying as you go and using your full-time income to pay for flight school. Or you may consider financing it with Leopard Aviation….payable only when you obtain your commercial pilot job at a commercial airline.

How Much Does Flight Training Cost in Arizona?

Flight training costs often vary from school to school and program to program. Part-time training is often the most cost-efficient option but takes much longer to complete. Instead of taking one flight lesson and one ground lesson per day, like in full-time training, you’ll have a fluctuating schedule that might change from week to week (depending on flight instructor availability). Most pilots obtain more benefits enrolling in traditional aviation programs since they can fly full time.

That said, you’ll still receive the muscle memory and skills required for a pilot certificate, helping you achieve your dream of becoming a pilot.

Most pilot certificates cost around $65,000, including all expenses.

How Long Does Flight School Last?

Students enrolled in full-time flying programs graduate much faster than those taking part-time classes since they fly multiple times a week. A part-time class usually takes at least four to six weeks to complete, but it depends on which program you enroll in and how often you attend class each week. For example, if you fly twice a week, you’ll receive a private pilot certificate within nine weeks.

Every student needs a total flight time of at least 1,500 hours to receive commercial certification and meet FAA standards.

Tips for Becoming a Pilot While Maintaining a Full-Time Job

Although maintaining a 40-hour-a-week job while attending flight training isn’t easy, it’s not impossible. Below are some tips to help you complete aviation school while maintaining your current career.

Enroll in a Nearby Flight Program

Attending aviation classes at nearby airports makes it easier to balance work, family, and flight training. Driving an hour or more can intrude on essential family time and your studies, making it difficult to pass flying exams.

Leopard Aviation offers aviation classes at Falcon Field and Scottsdale Airport, giving aspiring pilots two places to learn the trade. We offer several programs that will prepare students for an exciting aviation career.

Create a Study/Flying Plan

Many people have trouble balancing classes, work, and family life and fall behind on their studies. Keeping a strict study and flying schedule will help you stay on task and pass training with flying colors.

Find free time within your daily routine and dedicate an hour or two to study. Also, it’s best to designate specific days to fly. For example, if your Saturdays are always open, plan to fly every Saturday afternoon. This will keep you on track and help you graduate faster.

Remember To Rest

Getting plenty of rest is vital for aviation. Professional pilots need at least 10 hours of rest between flights to ensure a safe trip. Try to improve your sleeping habits and eat healthy meals to replenish your energy before flying. This will also help you stay alert during class and study time while helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you are an Arizona resident and want to become a professional pilot, contact Leopard Aviation. We will prepare you for a successful aviation career without requiring you to leave your current employer.

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