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Attitude is Everything


Behavior scientists conducted a fascinating experiment involving rats and water to explore the impact of experiences on endurance. Rats were observed swimming until exhaustion, and their survival was influenced by their previous encounters.

Initially, the rats lasted an average of 10 minutes before requiring rescue. After each rescue, the rats were dried off and allowed to rest. Surprisingly, on the next day, these same rats exhibited increased endurance, lasting much longer. By the third day, the average duration skyrocketed to an impressive SIXTY HOURS.

Why? The rats’ hope and faith in survival strengthened over time. On the first day, fear dominated their thoughts, focused on the potential for drowning. By the third day, they had developed confidence, knowing they would be saved, just needing to endure.

Humans share this tendency. Fears and apprehensions may lead to giving up or persisting. We all find ourselves metaphorically in water, fearing drowning.

When we fixate on failure, it often arrives swiftly due to this negative attitude. Conversely, focusing on ultimate success, anticipating the joy of achievement, often prevents failure altogether.

The wins achieved effortlessly may be forgotten, but those requiring significant time and effort linger in our memories until our last breath. Therefore, embracing periods of great effort and setbacks becomes essential – these moments define our journey.

In students, varying levels of commitment are evident. Some give up too easily, accepting failure as inevitable, while others persevere. Those who persist might have learned the importance of simply sticking with it, regardless of obstacles.

Leopard Aviation aims to break the logjam of apprehensive students. Focusing them on the thrill of flying over magnificent mountains or piloting an incredible aircraft shifts their perspective. The more they see success as inevitable, life-changing, exciting, and easy, the quicker they will succeed.

The success of Leopard Aviation is intrinsically tied to the success of its students. Celebrating these victories becomes a shared joy.


Commitment, the determination to continue despite setbacks, is crucial. Personal experience shapes this belief. A transformative high school experience, starting as a novice runner and culminating in a league championship, instilled the commitment to a goal.

Leopard Aviation strives to instill this commitment in students, teaching them more than flying an airplane. The focus is on the end goal – proficiency and the pride of obtaining that license.

Leopard Aviation becomes the event preceding numerous wins in students’ lives. The hope is to instill the attitude: “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Remember, winning is never final, and losing is never fatal.

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