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Why Become a Commercial Pilot?

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Have you ever wondered why commercial pilots enjoy their jobs so much? When you learn to fly aircraft, you can explore a new world of possibilities.

This article discusses why choosing this career path is a wise decision for aspiring aviators. Once you finish reading, see how to earn a commercial pilot license in Arizona.

Airline Pilots Are in Demand

Learning to fly an airplane can be fun, so why not make it a career? Due to a rapidly growing airline industry, Boeing estimates that thousands of new pilots will need to fill open positions over the next two decades. You can enjoy excellent job security, great pay, and new career growth opportunities as a commercial airline pilot.

Many pilots begin their careers in the commercial airline industry after years of military service. However, flight schools are becoming more accessible to amateur aircraft enthusiasts around the country. If you are an aspiring aviator, you, too, can earn your private pilot license with the right funding and motivation.

Pilot Training Is Hands-on

Nothing beats the feeling of your first solo flight. However, before becoming a pilot, you must undergo extensive training with a flight instructor.

Commercial airline pilot training is an exciting, hands-on program. Student pilots train to fly in different weather conditions, communicate with ground personnel, and solve problems quickly in the air. Expect to interact with veteran military pilots and career aviation specialists when learning the ins and outs of the aircraft.

No College Required

You do not need a four-year degree from a university to become a commercial airline pilot. Although some companies prefer you have college experience, flight school teaches you all the fundamentals of aviation. 

You Can See the World

Becoming a pilot for an international airline allows you to see countries all over the world. A military pilot may operate in a single country for months, but a commercial airline pilot could travel to dozens of different countries in just a few weeks.

Incredible Cockpit Views

Not every job lets you see the world thousands of feet above the ground. Unlike many other professions, flying keeps you energized and focused throughout the day. A pilot can say goodbye to boring office cubicles and hello to incredible cockpit views.

Every Day Is Different

Most airline companies introduce new aircraft and technology to their fleets every few years to keep up with industry demands. When you start the job, you may fly an airplane with 40 passengers one day and an airbus of over 500 the next. Becoming a pilot is one of the few career options where no two days are alike.

Stay Challenged

If you enjoy exciting challenges and want to earn new respect from your peers, pursue a commercial pilot’s license. As you progress through your career, you may have the opportunity to train other pilots or manage an entire fleet. 

Flying requires keen attention to detail and problem-solving skills that only some aspiring pilots possess. Prove to yourself and others that you can handle these new challenges by pursuing flight training at a school near you.

Enjoy Numerous Travel Benefits

As an airline pilot, flying into different countries will be a regular part of your job.

You can enjoy work-free time off during your stay. Whether you want to explore a new destination on your break or relax and enjoy world cuisine from the comfort of your hotel, the choice is yours.

Your job will also provide excellent discounts for friends and family. Consider treating them to a vacation in another country or helping them find cost-efficient domestic flights during the holidays.

No Living Restrictions

A pilot can live wherever they want while working for a commercial airline. Some choose to stay close to family while others headquarter themselves near their favorite vacation spot.

Freedom To Switch Airlines

Military aviators have contracts with the federal government that prevent them from flying for other entities during service. As a commercial airline pilot, you have the freedom to work for any company you choose.

Most airline companies treat their pilots with excellent medical, dental, and PTO benefits. Other factors contribute to high employee retention rates, such as the bonds pilots build with copilots and flight attendants.

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