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What Does a Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Include?

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It’s no secret that becoming an airline pilot requires intense training and a series of tests. If you want to earn a commercial pilot license in Arizona, you’ll need to understand the scope of the study material. This guide reveals everything that a pilot knowledge test includes so you can fully prepare.

Private Pilot Test vs. Commercial Pilot Test

Private and commercial pilots have different responsibilities and licensing. A private pilot, or recreational pilot, often flies a smaller type of aircraft, whereas the typical commercial airline pilot flies a large passenger jet. Therefore, the FAA airman knowledge tests differ as well.

These knowledge tests pull from a similar database of questions, though they vary in length:

  • The Commercial Pilot Airplane written test (or CAX) consists of 105 questions that students have 150 minutes to complete.
  • The Private Pilot Airplane written test (or PAR) has a time limit of 120 minutes and 65 questions.

The exam will determine how much knowledge each aspiring aviator has and is crucial for anyone looking to launch their career. Passing the test is the beginning of a new future for a recreational pilot or someone who wants to fly commercial aircraft for a living.

Once you’ve successfully completed your pilot knowledge test, you can work on getting other aspects of your aviation skills developed.

Other Types of Knowledge Tests

While most flight school graduates take either the CAX or PAR tests, there are other options available too. Pilots looking to advance their careers may take the Instrument Rating Airplane knowledge test to operate in airspace using instrument flight rules.

A number of tests also exist solely for flight instructors. The requirements for these tests all vary, as will the subject matter. If you want to learn more about these, contact us at Leopard Aviation.

Test Prerequisites

Before you can take the test, you must meet basic training requirements. The first involves being at least 15 years old. You must provide a passport, birth certificate, or another official document that proves you meet the age requirement.

Next, you need to show that you have completed flight training. Show a log of all your flying hours, your certification, and an endorsement from an authorized flight instructor. You will also need to prove completion of a home course from an outside aeronautical organization, which will also provide you with your study material.

Schedule your exam with your FAA tracking number, or FTN. If you do not already have one, you can register for one in the online system. Bring the number with you to your testing site so the FAA can better streamline the certification process and provide easier access to your scores.

Basics of the FAA Knowledge Test

So what are the basics of the FAA knowledge exams? Official commercial and private pilot knowledge tests consist of multiple-choice questions and take into account everything you learn in flight school. The tests may include questions about:

  • Air traffic control procedures
  • The function of your aircraft
  • How to safely travel between airports

The FAA needs to determine that you have a complete understanding of the aircraft, including the instrument systems. Answer all questions to the best of your ability.

How To Prepare For Your Written Test

Once you’ve completed ground school training and logged decent flight time, you are already on the path to success. However, you should still take the time and effort to study for FAA knowledge tests.

Review all the material your flight instructor provides and take practice tests. This will help you tremendously, especially if there is a department you are not fully confident in.

You may also take a home-study course to add to your overall knowledge. Review everything about your airplane, flying in various conditions, and other materials that the FAA recommends.

The FAA provides sample questions, giving you more confidence as you prepare for the test.

Where Do You Take the Test?

The FAA has testing centers throughout the country. You’ll be able to select one near you when you schedule your test.

What Happens If You Fail?

All aspiring pilots will receive a full FAA report following the written test. This report will review your scores as well as the areas where you did not answer correctly and need more practice. Everyone can view this breakdown, regardless of whether they pass or not.

If the weight of your score is higher than 70%, you did it! This passing test result will remain valid for 24 months. However, you must complete a practical test in that time or retake the written test again.

If you don’t pass the exams, your certified flight instructor will guide you through more practice. They must then issue an endorsement that you reviewed the report. This endorsement is necessary before you can attempt another knowledge test.

We’ll Help You Ace FAA Knowledge Tests

Are you curious about how to become a pilot? Leopard Aviation sets students up for success through ground school training and airspace experience before taking their pilot knowledge test.

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