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The Major Benefits of Starting a Career in Aviation

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Are you considering a career in aviation? Keep reading to discover the wealth of benefits you’ll receive as part of the aviation industry. From a personal pilot to a flight attendant for a major airline, it’s a rewarding career.

Whether you’re working toward your commercial pilot license in Arizona or are looking for other career development opportunities within the airline industry, you’ll find something to enjoy.

The Benefits of a Career in Aviation

No matter your position, most aviation jobs come with the following eight benefits and more.

1. Aviation Careers Expand Your World

Do you long to travel or see the world? If you’re a commercial airline pilot or flight attendant, you’ll get paid to live your dream! As part of the flight crew, you’ll travel around 432,000 miles every year, which is more than most people travel in their entire lives.

If you want to see the world and experience different cultures, start yourself on a career path that focuses on travel. Many airlines offer travel benefits like free flights to family members as well, so your family will love you being an airline employee as well.

2. More Choices Than an Airline Pilot

Pilots aren’t the only important role in the airline industry. Consider starting a career as one of the other important aviation employees:

  • Air traffic controller: Air traffic controllers are essential to keeping air traffic safe and organized. They communicate with the pilots to ensure safe takeoffs and landings, avoid collisions, and prevent scheduling issues when things get delayed.
  • Flight attendants: In many ways, the flight attendant is the face of the airline industry. They often have excellent communication skills and enjoy connecting people with new destinations. As a flight attendant, you’ll be flying high with a unique work schedule and one of the most appreciated aviation roles.
  • Aircraft manufacturers: Manufacturers work behind the scenes of the aviation industry, but they’re absolutely essential. They’re responsible for assembling the plane, developing technological advancements, engineering safety features, and more. While they don’t have the flexibility of other industry professionals, they have an excellent average salary, the benefits of a career in aviation, and develop cutting-edge technology.

3. The Aviation Sector Is in High Demand

The aviation industry is in high demand because it’s important. Emerging labor statistics indicate an increased demand for nearly every position in the airline industry. Like every booming industry, this provides significant job security and competitive pay, including excellent health insurance and, depending on the position, the ability to determine your own working pattern.

4. The Positions Pay Well

As part of several benefits of a career in aviation, you’ll receive exceptional pay. The median annual wage for an employee in the airline industry is roughly $60,000. This is significantly higher than the overall national median of $38,000.

Pilots start at $92,000 and make a median salary of roughly $130,000, with many exceeding the $250,000 mark by year 5.

5. Airline Employees Have Flexible Work Schedules

The flexibility of your schedule depends on which position you take, but if the traditional nine-to-five schedule isn’t for you, you’ll have plenty of options. Depending on which airlines they work for, the flight crew often enjoys unusual schedules and work hours with extended days off as a trade for long periods traveling throughout the world.

6. The Industry Offers Great Career Growth

Jobs with airlines offer amazing opportunities for professional growth and career advancement, meaning you can always find ways to challenge yourself. Whether you’re part of the crew, working on research and development, or working in a different part of the industry, you’ll find a career’s worth of advancement before you.

7. You Can Live Anywhere

Airlines are in every state and major city, and even rural areas or smaller cities have airports that need experts to run them. When you work in aviation, you can live anywhere in the world and will still find a rewarding job.

In fact, why limit yourself to living in one place? With a generous salary and flexible work schedule, you could have a second home that can host you for extended layovers or vacation times.

8. You’ll Learn New Skills

Whether you stay within the aviation industry or not, your time there will teach you many important skills. Pilots, head flight attendants, and manufacturing managers learn and practice leadership every day. Many positions involve frequent face-to-face interaction with customers, which hones your interpersonal skills.

These skills not only give you a sense of confidence and achievement, but they set you up for a bright future both within the industry and in life in general.

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