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Leopard Aviation Commits to the Future Purchases a New Hangar in Mesa, AZ

February 1st, 2022 – Mesa, AZ (FALCON FIELD)   Leopard Aviation has closed escrow on a 12,000 square foot hangar that will be remodeled to include state of the art ground-school facilities, offices, and a hangar to store their fleet.  Leopard Aviation is showing its’ commitment to the airlines as well as to students with this $2.5 million purchase.  This new space is located at the epicenter of Falcon Field, about 100 yards from the control tower.

Leopard Aviation is the premier flight school for convenient, flexible pay-as-you-go flight training in Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona.  Leopard recognizes the need for flexible flight training options as it’s often a life choice when funds may be limited.  Or, it may be an interest in the excitement of flying like a bird and it’s outside of your full-time job where time may be limited.  This means making it convenient and flexible as possible for both groups to keep their dreams alive and where they can feed their passion on any day in Scottsdale or Mesa, AZ.

With the recent closure of the Scottsdale airport, Leopard Aviation temporarily moved all of their planes to their Mesa, AZ, Falcon Field location to support students in continuing to earn their flight hours for their next certificate.  “It was the move to the Falcon Field that made it obvious that we needed a larger presence there.  The demand for flight hours is as great as the pilot shortage is these days.  There’s a real opportunity to make a career shift or to launch your first career after high school and achieve the greatest feeling on earth, freedom in flight,” said Founder, Eric Noon. 

Remodeling is expected to start in March of 2022 and is expected to be ready for its ribbon cutting ceremony in September 2022. 

About Leopard Aviation

Leopard Aviation is a family-owned flight school with a mission to produce the best-trained pilots while maintaining a fun and professional learning environment. We believe that flying is fun, and that learning to fly should be also! Our staff of certified flight instructors are seasoned professionals with experience as airline captains, U.S. Air Force pilots, corporate jet and commercial pilots. More information about qualifications, lessons and the flight school experience is available at www.leopardaviation.com or by calling the company at (480) 372-9815. It is located at the Scottsdale Airport, 14700 N Airport Dr – Suite 101, Scottsdale.

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