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Do You Need a Degree To Be a Commercial Pilot?

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Are you interested in a pilot career? Do you want to know how to get your commercial or recreational pilot license? Since there is a growing demand for pilots, it’s important to provide them with the proper training and experience. However, this is causing prospective pilots to wonder whether or not they need a college degree to fly commercially.

In this guide, we’ll answer, “Do you need a degree to be a commercial pilot?” and discuss the requirements for becoming a commercial airline pilot.

After reading, you can learn more about our trusted flight school in Arizona. We help future private and commercial pilots get the training they need to move forward in their aviation careers.

Airline Pilot vs. Commercial Pilot vs. Private Pilot: How Do They Differ?

Regional or major airline pilots fly passenger aircraft for various airlines. A regional airline pilot often flies shorter routes than pilots who fly for major airlines. A private pilot can fly a small aircraft with one engine, is limited in their number of passengers, and faces certain flying restrictions.

Commercial pilots can receive compensation for their flying or fly multiple types of aircraft for hire, making it an extremely favorable job. These pilots have numerous job opportunities and have flexibility in what they want to do in the aviation field, such as photography, aerial tours, and much more.

Pilots will need to complete the appropriate amount of training at one of the many accredited flight schools across the country.

What You Need To Obtain Your Commercial Pilot License

Commercial pilots must complete pilot training programs with a certified flight instructor. A commercial airline pilot looking to get into their career faster can join an accelerated flight training program at a trusted flight academy, completing their 1500 required hours in two to three years.

A commercial pilot needs to meet the following flying time requirements:

  • 10 solo flight hours
  • 20 hours of training
  • 50 hours flying across the country
  • 100 flight hours as the “pilot-in-command”
  • 250 hours of flight (combining airplane and private aircraft time)

Obtaining an aviation degree can help your career as a commercial or airline pilot, but it is not currently a requirement for either job. Joining the Air Force or a degree program can show your dedication and passion for the industry, setting you apart from the competition, but it isn’t something you always need.

Do You Need a College Degree To Become a Commercial Pilot?

Do you need a degree to be a commercial pilot? No, you do not need an undergraduate degree to become a pilot. While most pilots do not have a four year degree, having one can help you stand out immensely in the aviation workforce. Major airlines are in need of more pilots, so they are willing to take on a skilled airline pilot without a college degree.

You will need a pilot license, a log book of required hours, and will need to successfully complete practical and written exams. Some people obtain their college degree while working on their flight training, making them a strong candidate for a commercial, private, or airline pilot position in a few years.

Some people get a Bachelor’s degree in aviation, aeronautical science, or aerospace engineering, as this can appeal to major carriers like United Airlines. However, you don’t need one to obtain a pilot license.

Understanding What It Means To Become a Pilot

You will need a lot of flight time to become a pilot, no matter if you’re looking to work for a major airline or obtain a private pilot license. The aviation field has many opportunities for fulfilling careers and different paths you can pursue, such as being an airline transport pilot or working for regional airlines.

Since regional airlines need more pilots, the aviation field expects excellent job growth in the next few years. The same holds true for anyone looking to obtain their commercial or private pilot license.

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Now that you know the answer to, “Do you need a degree to be a commercial pilot?” you can figure out the necessary steps to obtain your pilot license and enjoy the benefits of your career choice. If you’re ready to start your flight training, contact Leopard Aviation at our Mesa or Scottsdale, AZ, schools for more information. You can call us at (480) 605-4539.

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