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Blind woman learns to fly!

Leopard Aviation Teams With the Foundation for Blind Children: Making A Dream Reality!

“There’s nothing in this world that’s really impossible.” This quote from Kaiya Armstrong is well worth mentioning! While we all wish this to be true and encouraging worlds to all, few have turned their life’s challenge into a high flying dream!

Kaiya, a woman who lost her sight unexpectedly from Uveitis, a rare inflammation that struck her almost completely blind at 14 is now accelerating herself mentally, physically, and intuitively to pilot an airplane across country! Kaiya Armstrong is now 21; with the help of the expert team at Leopard Aviation, located in Scottsdale and Mesa Arizona, Kaiya will fly from Scottsdale, AZ to Washington DC alongside Tyler Sinclair, one of Leopard Aviation’s finest Certified Flight Instructors, landing on World Sight Day, October 13th 2022.

Tyler recently commented that flying with Kaiya has been an amazing experience that has helped him re-think pilot training!

“She’s a natural pilot and we’re currently working on how to communicate in an efficient way that still lets her do 100% of the flying. During her discovery flight I barely touched the controls except to land the airplane, I’m excited to see how she progresses as a pilot,” CIF Tyler says.

Kaiya came to us through the Foundation for Blind Children (FBC). Their mission is to show that vision impairment is just a diagnosis and not a disability. They sponsor one major event a year; they have climbed Kilimanjaro, went sailing in the Caribbean, and hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim. This year they wanted to do something special and teach one of their students to fly an airplane. This event will culminate with Kaiya and I flying to Washington D.C. for World Sight Day in October.” 

Tyler is honored to work with Kaiya and the FBC on this program!


REMEMBER: There’s Nothing In This World That’s Really IMPOSSIBLE!!!

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