"Never in the history of my professional career have I ever been so excited about inspiring people to do something amazing, like becoming a pilot. "

-Tom Noon, Owner

Freedom & Flexibility are Yours for the Taking!

Choosing a career as a pilot has never looked so appealing. The cost of college is approaching $200,000 and 4-5 years to graduate. Meanwhile, you can go to flight school to earn your commercial pilot license in just about a year for much less.

In addition, entry-level salaries (business degrees) after college start at $40,000 while commercial airline pilots start at $85,000. The proposition sells itself really. By year 5, the commercial pilot will earn over $160,000.

Check out our recent blog that breaks out:

  • Each license you need
  • How many hours on average each license takes to earn
  • The average cost for each license
  • The requirements to earn the licenses
commercial pilot schedule

Full Financing Now Available

We have partnered with meritize to fund full commercial pilot license programs. You may take all of your training, earn money while being a CFI, and start paying your loan back once you are fully hired as a commercial pilot. Just think, in about one year, you could be in the cockpit for one of your favorite airlines. Click here to take the next step towards a rewarding career.>>

Instrument rating test at Leopard Aviation flight school.

The sights are incredible, the lifestyle is even better!

Pilot career growth is outpacing national job growth rates. Take your Discovery Flight and find out what it feels like to command a plane – you’ll soar the skies over the beautiful Sedona mountain range.

This just may be the career change you have been looking for. 
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